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20 April 2012

After months of development and thousands of test hours, two worlds collide with the much-anticipated and long-awaited X360USB PRO v2!


The X360USB PRO was the world's first SATA to USB Mass Storage controller that not only enabled WINAPI over USB, but also PORTIO. Xecuter has taken the design one step further by integrating all of the functions of the hugely successful CK3i !

This powerful all-in-one tool is the result of an intense design collaboration between Team Xecuter and Team Jungle. The X360USB PRO v2 is the most advanced WINAPI/PORTIO to USB adapter & 360 Connectivity Tool ever created. One stand-out feature is that you are now able to connect all 360 DVD Drives and 360 Hard Drives to any PC or Laptop simply by connecting to a USB port, and when used with Jungle Flasher all of the DVD Drive's Power and flashing capabilities are included and also with the option of complete automation. No more struggling with specific SATA chipsets or issues with awkward operating system setups or any strange power or eject timing issues for vendor mode, not to mention so much faster and more noob-friendly than anything else on the market.

Now tasks such as repairing your Xbox 360 DVD Drive's firmware or upgrading your broken DVD Drive to a new one without the expensive fees charged by the manufacturer just got easier than ever before. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, this multi-use Mass Storage controller is an essential addition to any toolkit. You can even connect your 360 Hard Drive to get full access to your files, or even connect any Western Digital Hard Drive and convert it to be 360-compatible using the X360USB PRO HDD Hacker tool no other device can do this in Windows!

The layout of the entire circuit has also been completely redesigned using the same high-end facility that produces the best-selling X360USB PRO v1, and is now packed with more features than ever before, giving you everything you need in one handy device. This truly is the modder's tool of choice.

You will also be happy to know that the X360USB PRO v2 is released complete with its slick-designed case to give extra protection and a quality design that is not just on the inside, but on the outside too.


As many followers know, production has been delayed since the end of 2011 as Xecuter were working on a new killer feature that would seal the deal for the X360USB PRO v2 as being the absolute ultimate in 360 DVD/HDD connectivity and data conversion/transfer. As of March 2012, success was achieved in giving the X360USB PRO v2 a truly awesome feature. You are now able to connect any stock 360 DVD Drive to your computer using the X360USB PRO v2 via USB and it will instantly give it a drive letter in Windows! No custom firmware required, no 0800 firmware required, ANY stock 360 Drive can be used to rip backups using a new upcoming version of XBC with a fully optimized profile giving total support for XGD3 with the data throughput supporting the maximum possible bus speed using ANY stock 360 DVD Drive model (That's all Phat and all Slim models including the Hitachi 0500 !).

It has been suggested by another manufacturer that using USB3 gives faster ripping speeds, but obviously this is nonsense as USB2 supports up to 22x, and the 360 DVD Drive peaks at around 12x so you will have the maximum possible speed that the system can handle available to you at all times.

This has never before been achieved and we feel it gives the X360USB PRO v2 the honor of truly being the most powerful tool ever created for the 360 Repair professional.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, this multi-use Mass Storage controller and Automated Power Adapter is an essential addition to any console engineers toolkit.

Comprehensive Feature List:


    • Connect any SATA device to any PC or laptop via USB
    • Compatible with All Phat 360 DVD Drives Hitachi, Samsung, Benq & Liteon
    • Compatible with All Slim 360 DVD Drives Liteon & Hitachi
    • Compatible with Xbox 360 Hard Drives (Phat & Slim)
    • Repair your Xbox 360 DVD Drive within minutes no more weeks of waiting!
    • Easy Drive Key Extraction & Updating
    • Full access to your Xbox 360 Hard Drive
    • Convert any WD Hard Drive to be 360 Compatible using X360USB PRO HDD Hacker tool in Windows!
    • No SATA Port Required
    • Fully compatible with Jungle Flasher
    • No More Driver / OS / SATA / Compatibility Problems
    • Fully Upgradeable On-Board Firmware
    • Supports Mass Storage Mode As Default
    • Dual-Mode PORTIO & WINAPI
    • Enhanced WINAPI speed for tools such as Xbox Backup Creator
    • Power, Status & Activity LED's


    • 100% Compatible with all 360 DVD Drive models both Phat and Slim.
    • 100% Compatible with all flashing tools inc Jungle Flasher
    • JungleFlasher-Controlled Power ON/OFF/CYCLE
    • Manually-Controlled Power ON/OFF/CYCLE
    • JungleFlasher-Controlled Eject Open/Close/Half Tray
    • Manually-Controlled Eject Open/Close/Half Tray
    • JungleFlasher-Controlled ModeB
    • Manually-Controlled ModeB
    • Molex replaced with SATA Power Connector Prevents connecting power cable incorrectly
    • Molex to SATA convertor included if you don't have a Sata PSU
    • Self-Resetting PPTC Fuses for added current protection
    • Extra power filters for a cleaner, safer design
    • Extra USB AUX Power cable if PC USB port doesn't output a true 5v
    • Auto/Manual Mode LED's
    • Power On/Off LED
    • ModeB On/Off LED


    • Convert any stock 360 DVD into an 0800 ripping drive without modifying the firmware
    • 100% Compatible with XBC (latest version required)
    • Even works with Hitachi 0500! (Liteon DG-16D5S 1175 Support Coming Soon)
    • Supports all formats inc XGD3
    • No CFW required! Works with any stock 360 DVD Drive
    • Supports the maximum possible speed that the drive can handle
    • We recommend all rips are run through ABGX to get the perfect median AP2.5 Profile.


    • Custom-Designed Case
    • Trusted Xecuter Design
    • Proven Track Record of High Quality
    • Superior After-Sales Support Forums with 220,000+ Users
    • 90 Day New Replacement Warranty
    • Official Product Website: www.x360usb.com

Packaging Includes:

    • X360USB PRO V2
    • SATA Cable
    • USB Cable
    • DVD Power Link Cable
    • SATA POWER to MOLEX Adapter

X360USB PRO HDD Hacker Tool Released

23 April 2011

The last four weeks have seen an unprecedented response to the new X360USB PRO product and the feedback has been nothing short of sensational. Stocks have been wiped out time and time again, the production lines are working 24/7 and resellers have reported record sales – outselling any competitors products by up to 100:1 !

Well, development is always ongoing and we are happy to announce the next level of features and capabilities with the release of the new X360USB PRO HDD HACKER TOOL.

Not only is the X360USB PRO able to communicate with DVD Drives by utilizing built in PortIO and WinAPI functions giving a level of speed and access never seen before, but it can now also connect to Hard Drives and manipulate the data for the first time over USB using any Windows 32bit or 64bit operating system with just a few simple clicks.

What does this mean for you ?

You can now convert any off-the-shelf 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive and convert it to be 100% XBOX 360 Compatible, saving you a TON of money !

The X360USB PRO HDD HACKER TOOL currently supports the entire range of Western Digital 2.5″ SATA Hard Drives, however we will be able to add a range of other manufacturer’s and models in future updates.

All you need is the HDSS.BIN file from an original XBOX360 Hard Drive (which can be easily extracted using the X360USB PRO) and use it to convert your WD SATA Drive. The following guide will show you just how easy it is.

Note: The size of the drive is limited to the size of your HDSS.BIN file (e.g. if you have a 250GB HDSS.BIN and you flash it to a 320Gb Hard Drive – then the drive will recognize in the Xbox 360 as a 250GB drive)

To support the the new HDD capabilities of the X360USB PRO, we have begun to manufacture a range of new products to give you a clean and professional Hard Drive update experience.

The X360USB PRO HDD HACKER TOOL is sponsored by www.xconsoles.com so we are happy to direct you to their website for special offers on these new products including great deals on WD 2.5" SATA hard Drives.


  • XECUTER X360USB PRO (Minimum v18 Firmware)
  • XECUTER HDD ADAPTER PRO (you can also use the HDD Adapter that comes with the CK3 Pro for Phat drives or a SATA power adapter for Slim drives)
  • Windows 32bit or 64bit
  • MAC OSX Compatible (When using Bootcamp or VMWare to run Windows)
  • Original HDSS.BIN File

The image below shows you the simple GUI and a short explanation of each button. The app has been kept purposely simplistic to make this as easy as possible.


To extract the HDSS.BIN from an original XBOX 360 Hard Drive

Flashes a HDSS.BIN to your 3rd party Hard Drive and saves a copy of the drives original sectors to UNDO.BIN

Restores the Hard Drive’s firmware and Max LBA to it’s original state using the UNDO.BIN

Partitions and formats the drive to XBOX 360 specifications

Click here for downloads and full step by step guides

X360USB PRO (Final Version With Case) Ships

29 Mar 2011

We have finally started to ship the final versions of the X360USB PRO complete with its newly designed case. The response to this product has been totally unprecedented and I think the demand knocked took us all by surprise so we apologize on behalf of all the resellers for being a few days late on this particular batch. Please bear in mind that we will be shipping over the next 10 days in stages to make sure that ALL resellers starts to get stock and that they will no doubt take a few days themselves to get all of their pre-orders out to you.

Thank you again for your support, and in the next few days we will release our next new app and firmware that showcases new features that we have kept secret ;)

Shipping Progress & Mid-Week Update

17 Mar 2011

There have been many shipments to resellers this week, however we are still in the middle of the first batch so please be patient if your reseller hasn't shipped your goods yet. We are shipping every single day so all of the first batch shipments should be completed by the end of the week. We will then move onto the second batch which is the final retail versions complete with the case. We expect those to leave the factory around March 25th (Again, this is a conservative estimated date. It could be a few days before or after).

There have been some superb reports from X360USB PRO users this week, as predicted they couldn't believe how easy it was to use and that it did exactly as advertised. One user in the IRC support room this morning had a bricked Benq and luckily our support guys were on hand to guide him through the easy process of unbricking his drive in just a few short steps with only using the X360USB PRO and no other tools or having to open up the DVD drive.

One thing of note was that one of our members BeastyX found that he had some issues when using connecting his 360 HDD to his PC using the X360USB PRO. The internal command set of the X360USB PRO made the drive throw up an E69 error even though nothing was changed on the drive. We found that most modern USB/SATA chipsets adjust the HPA of the drive by 1 sector and this causes the drives security bit to be locked. It's an easy fix and we are looking at a workaround for it. No data is lost and the drives can be easily accessible in Windows to backup / edit etc. So for now don't connect your 360 HDD's to your PC using the X360USB PRO until we make a patch for that particular check. Here is a guide to fix the security bit.

We have many more guides coming this week too, and we have even had some of our customers post videos of their experience and first impressions. Here's a few:


Also can we point you to this awesome XBOX 360 "T-X / J-F" Tribute" Case Mod by one of members DARKFiB3R. Click here for the full forum topic showing his step by step progress and methods. Great Job !!

DARKFiB3R case Mod

IRC Support Channel

08 Mar 2011

After months of use as a development and beta test channel, #X360USB has now gone live on EFNET as a public support channel for the X360USB PRO. Feel free to drop by :)

Simply CLICK HERE to join the channel automatically

X360USB PRO Shipping To Resellers Begins

08 Mar 2011

We missed our target shipping date by just 3 days, but we got there eventually

The first batch of X360USB PRO is in the process of being quality tested and packed and is expected to leave our factory in China (+8 GMT) on Thursday March 10th.

We have paid for the fastest shipping service possible, but even so, several hundred kilos will take more than just a day or two

Our main resellers have given us an order so they each get a quantity of the no-case "early adopter" version, and then of course they will get the rest of their orders which will include the complete unit including case. We expect those to start leaving the factory on March 25th (This is a conservative estimated date. It could be a few days before or after). Please bear in mind that not all resellers have put early orders in, so some of them probably won't have stock at the same time as others. That is through no fault of our own and we can only cater to those who made their orders well in advance. We suggest you check with your preferred reseller to make sure they have placed their orders in time.

Resellers have also asked us to remind you that they will be shipping to their customers on an date-ordered basis. So as always with a pre-order type product it is first come, first served. So those who were lucky enough to order from day one will be first on the list.

Bear in mind that there are tens of thousands of IC's to program and we have strict quality assurance procedures in place where each and every unit is run through a serious of tests individually to make sure you receive the best quality product.

We worked real hard on this one and are very excited to see everyone's reaction as to how simple it is to use. Thank you for your patience, not too long now

x360usb pro no case version retail

X360USB PRO Shipping Update

01 March 2011

As promised the first batch of X360USB PRO will ship this week. As previously reported, the first batches will be without the case so if you wish to receive one of the first released batch then make sure you let your reseller know (Some resellers have already started to offer both options - with case and without case - so make sure when ordering you pick the correct one).

The reason we have a delay with the cases was because of a last minute change where we added an AUX Power input to the X360USB PRO. As it is powered solely from the USB port, we found that there is a chance that some older motherboards output only 100ma in power, whereas most USB ports (a good 99%) output the standard 500ma. So to cover the minority of users who may have this issue, we made sure this eventuality was covered in the design.

We will of course be shipping batches of cases to all the resellers who ordered the no-case versions so they can pass them on to their customers. We will not be charging for the cases, so some resellers may ship to you for free and some my charge a small shipping fee. We expect the first batch to begin shipping from our factory before March 7th March 10th and the units with the case included around March 21st March 25th

Of course there is absolutely no performance difference with or without the case, and those who chose to receive one of the first batches without the case will also get a protective anti-static padding (the same as we ship with all CK3 Products). Naturally the kit includes everything else as normal (USB Cable, SATA Cable etc)

We have worked very hard on this and hope that you all enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed developing it. You will soon see what "easy" REALLY means

X360USB PRO Production Begins !

18 Feb 2011

Finally, after several months of development and thousands of hours of testing and improvements (17 Firmware updates, 5 PCB revisions, countless software features and additions etc), with a BETA team of 18 members hammering the crap out of the X360USB PRO to make sure it is as rock solid as possible, the X360USB PRO has finally been green lit for production. The fact that we kept our heads and made sure that this wasn't a rushed project, that was developed and tested correctly by a huge team of experienced individuals so that everything worked in full on it's release to the public, will not only prove to everyone that this was most definitely worth the wait, but when it comes to our products we truly care about anything that has our name on it, and if you are willing to spend your hard earned money then we better damn well do the best job that we possibly can. You will never get half-assed from us !

We will run a batch of PCB Only versions and make sure a whole bunch of resellers get their hands on them so those early adopters can have a play before an official retail release. The full retail package will be shipping in force in the next 2-3 weeks.

If you would like to get your hands on a PCB Only version (will simply come without the case - functionality will be 1:1 retail), then let your reseller know so they can request how many they would like.

There are also other goodies in development as add-ons to the X360USB PRO which we will reveal soon. We will also (maybe, finally!) have time to actually push a retail release of the CK3-CP :p

Also, keep any eye out for a whole bunch of new retailers that have signed up to be direct distributors. If there isn't a dealer in your country then give them a poke and let them know what they are missing out on !

Here are a few pics to get those taste buds tingling.....

x360usb pro v5

x360usb pro v5

x360usb pro v5

Jungle Flasher Step-by-Step Guides & Videos

10 Feb 2011

As we approach the full launch of the X360USB PRO, there have been lot's of behind the scenes preparations to make sure you get the best experience possible from your hard earned cash.

Support forum-staffer Ubergeek has spent the last 24 hours designing complete step by step Jungle Flasher tutorials for every single 360 DVD drive. He also included videos to show the entire process.

Feel free to leave comments, questions and suggestions in the new Jungle Flasher X360USB Pro Support forums and look out for more guides involving multiple scenarios.

Click HERE to go there.

Jungle Flasher Official News: X360USB PRO

02 Feb 2011

From jungleflasher.net

The JungleFlasher Team are proud to announce we have been embedding full support for the upcoming XECUTER X360USB PRO. This it the most exciting thing to happen on the flashing scene since JF hit the scene over 2 years ago.

x360usb pro v4

The neat device will simplify flashing for all users. It integrates seemlessly into JF. It shows as I/O port 0x0000, nothing else changes, everything else works as it always does.

The real advantage as we see it:

    • Compatibility: one device, not 1000's of different vendors.
    • Support: it works, if you have issues, it has been seen before.
    • Installation: Plug it in, ta dah, you're ready.
    • Interoperability: works on all current windows OS, signed drivers, no messing.
    • Portability: you can take it with you, it's tiny, smaller than a credit card.

This device has been a pleasure to work with. We couldn't have done it better ourselves.

Pre-Order Your X360USB PRO !

31 Jan 2011

As we enter the final stage of testing and pre-production we are happy to allow pre-orders for the X360USB PRO to be taken. Several sites with worldwide shipping have already started:

Mod Traders
CK3 Games
Modchip Canada
Modchip Central


You can keep up to date with the extended and every growing list of global resellers on this page.

We have a tentative release date of February 28th. It could be shortly before then or after. We will also offer a small amount of pre-retail versions (no case or packaging) to a few lucky customers - more news on this shortly.

The final countdown has begun. The X360USB PRO works with ALL DRIVES out of the box. No mess and no fuss. Hurry now and pre-order the hottest product of the year for only $59.95 / 39.95 / 44.95

Reseller Applications Now Being Accepted

28 Jan 2011

Do you want to make a lot of money with this hot new product ? We are now taking applications from companies that wish to be listed as an official reseller for the X360 USB PRO. You must be an established retailer with good shipping and returns policies.

Click HERE to apply today !

Beta Test Results Are In & Retailer Opportunities

26 Jan 2011

We have spent the last week shipping test versions of the X360USB PRO to Beta Testers to iron out all variations of bugs and also to improve features and performance. The v2 of the prototype has proved to be very solid and we were able to solve a number of issues with v3 thanks to our Beta Team. The final prototype, which has been branded v4, will be shipped this week, then we can finalize the design and firmware ready for launch in February. We will be posting various videos and guides over the next few days and we will also give many website owners the opportunity to be listed as a retailer, some from the USA, UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and other countries have already been selected. We will let you know in the next day or so how you can apply to be part of this exciting business opportunity.

Case Design

25 Jan 2011

Here is the case design that we have decided upon. We hope you like it :)


Release Date & Price Information

21 Jan 2011

We have instructed all official retailers to set a guide price of $59.95 / £39.95 / €44.95 for the X360 USB Pro. The release date will be shortly after Chinese New Year in February.

New Website Launched

20 Jan 2011

We are happy to launch the new dedicated website for the upcoming X360USB PRO. Here you will find all the information you need regarding this exciting new product including all guides and tutorials. We will keep you posted with regular news & updates and will make sure that all guides & tutorials are kept up to date with the very latest information.